Saturday, February 16, 2013

Event: MTA Community Mayhem

Date: Monday, February 18th, 2013
Time: 11:30AM US Eastern [Convert]
Live Broadcast: GamingOwlTV
Server IP:
Password: pony (must be lowercase)

Since there won't be a broadcast for about a week starting this Thursday, we're going to end this month with a bang by playing Multi Theft Auto - the San Andreas multiplayer mod.

To register, all you have to do is join is join the server! Full coverage of the event from the perspective of 'LukaX23' will be streamed on TwitchTV (link is above). To get you all pumped-up, here's a small video I made using footage from the last MTA session.

See you there!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

How-To: Install Multi Theft Auto (Steam)

This tutorial will teach you how to install the Multi Theft Auto multiplayer mod to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. If you have any questions or problems installing the mod, use the comments section below.

Installing via Steam:
  • If you don't own a copy already, you can purchase the game here.
  • Make sure you have the game fully downloaded via the Steam client before proceeding to the following steps.
  • Close Steam.
  • For more information regarding the downgrader application, click here for the original post.
Because the Steam version of the game is version 3.00 and the mod only works on version 1.00, you will need a downgrader.
  1. Download the the San Andreas Downgrader here.
  2. Once downloaded, open up the folder and open 'run'. Windows will tell you that the application may depend on other compressed files in the folder. 
  3. Select 'Extract All', then 'Extract'. A new window will pop up with your extracted files. Keep the window open as you'll need it soon.
  4. Now go to Start menu> Computer> Open your main drive files (most likely drive C:)> Program Files (x86)> Steam>steamapps> common> Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.
  5. Drag the file titled 'gta_sa' into the '' folder.
  6. In the unzipped downgrader folder, right click on the file titled 'run' and select 'Run as administrator' from the right click menu. Select 'Yes'.
  7. Like the application says, press any key to continue.
  8. Press '1' and hit enter. The application will downgrade the game .exe file for you.
  9. It will ask if you want to copy the patched file into the Steam directory. Press 'Y' and hit enter.
  10. Press any key to continue.
  11. Press 'N' and hit enter to not launch the game and press any key to continue. We're almost done!
  12. Now go to and download the newest version of the client.
  13. Open the file and hit 'Run', click next. A Windows notification will appear, hit 'Yes'.
  14. Select 'I Agree' to the License Agreement.
  15. In this next menu, you can choose what you will install to your system. Generally, this is for advanced users. The default option is 'Client and Server' which is basically everything you need. Continue through the install process.
  16. Finish.
If you followed these instructions correctly, Multi Theft Auto should have successfully launched.

The Fun in Funding

Starting March 4th, ads will begin to appear more frequently on the Twitch TV live broadcasts. This will provide funding for future titles, media creation and equipment.

Ad implementation will be quite simple, whenever it's time for a break from playing games, an ad will run. This will only be done when there is no active gameplay on the stream, so you know when to expect it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's This?

This website is the place to go to for all GamingOwl fans (or maybe even soon-to-be fans?) to go to for keeping up with what is going on. New event? Details will be here. Casting schedule? Yep, right here. Random posts, just for fun? You bet! And of course much, much more...

Well, why is the website so empty then? Good question. The website is, again, under maintenance and being re-worked. For technical reasons, the website had to be moved from Wordpress-based hosting, back to Blogger, where the site originally began. This does not mean too much in terms of how the site will be used for the end-user, but it drastically changes things when it comes to content management and making changes to the website. It is also free to host the site on here, which was a big issue when using Wordpress because the hosting was quite expensive. Not exactly a good price to features ratio, if you ask me - at least not what I was using it for.

Anyways, enough with that jibber-jabber! There is currently no "Release Date" for the site, because it will dynamically change in front of you. At the time of writing this, you'll see that there is quite a lot of stuff missing. That's another reason why we encourage you to come back and see what's new! Updates will be made quite frequently to the appearance and features of the site.

In fact, if you have any wishes and want to be the first person to interact with the new site, please, post a comment on your idea below!

I know some of you have been annoyed at the amount of times this place has changed, but it's all in spite of making a better website. Remember, this place was created by a 15 year-old. One who has matured and learned a lot through DIY, literally days worth of YouTube videos and lots of sleepless nights. I am the Gaming Owl, after all - right?