Thursday, April 18, 2013

How-To: Install Simple Native Trainer for Grand Theft Auto EFLC (Steam)

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This tutorial will teach you how to install the Simple Native Trainer mod to Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City. If you have any questions or problems installing the mod, use the comments section below.

Alternate Download Sources:

If the previous trainer files don't work, you can find the download links for both the trainer files and ASI loads below. These links may also provide newer versions of the trainer so use this as a back up if the previous versions didn't work.
Installing via Steam:
  • If you don't own a copy already, you can purchase the game here.
  • Make sure you have the game fully downloaded via the Steam client before proceeding to the following steps.
  • Close Steam.
  1. Download the above files.
  2. Extract RAR files from both folders.
  3. Move the files named 'trainer', 'trainer.asi', 'trainertlad', 'trainertbogt', 'trainertlad.asi', 'trainertbogt.asi', 'ScriptHook.dll', 'dsound.dll' to directory as follows C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes from Liberty City\EFLC
  4. Right click on the Steam icon in the task bar and hit 'Exit Steam'.
  5. Open it up and your trainer should be working once you're in game!
To use it in game, just press F3 (or F4) to bring up the menu. Use your num-pad to navigate the menu.


  1. Try pressing FN+F3, tell me if that works for you.

  2. I dont have the FN button on my desktop keyboard, but i have tried pressing all the buttons in different ways and its the same. Although ive seen that alot of people have the same problem with getting the mode to pop up ingame. I took some tip from other people like starting the game as and Administrator, and shutting down User Account Control, putting all the trainer and asi loader files in both the main folder and the subfolder of TBOGT and TLAD, but it didnt help. Is anyone experiencing the same thing?

  3. That's extremely odd. For me, the trainer sometimes wants to open up and close under F4 and other times F3. The only thing I can think of is to validate the Steam files, close Steam and try to install the mod again.

  4. Yea i fixed it!
    I followed the steps from the youtube video link below and now it works perfectly. (I didnt patch the game btw). I also right-clicked the main folder of the GTA IV and GTA IV EFLC and gave it full control permission. I hope this helps for everyone else who´s having same issues.
    Thanks for help anyway Luka!

    Youtube link:

  5. Hmm, my previous comment is gone but anyway i fixed it!
    I followed some steps from a youtube video, the link is below, and it works perfectly now. (i didnt patch my game like in the video btw).
    Here is the youtube link:


    Thanks for the help anyway Luka!

  6. Nicely written, maybe do a video tutorial as well?

  7. We've considered it. A video tutorial wasn't created originally because there are plenty of them on YouTube already.

  8. What do you mean by "gave it full permission?"

  9. I believe he gave the application admin privelages by right clicking and choosing "Run as administrator".