Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Custom Carnage 3

Game: Grand Theft Auto V
Platform: PlayStation 3
Date: Friday, April 4th [Convert]
Live Broadcast: [GamingOwl TV]

  • To register for this event, post a link to your custom race in the comments below along with your PlayStation Network ID. You may post two races for this event.
  • The track must be newly published. A previously created circuit cannot be used in the event.
  • Include "CC3:" before the title of your track to indicate that the track was created for the event. (e.g. "CC3: Barkei's OCD Pills Run")
  • IMPORTANT! You will need to be in our TeamSpeak server ( during the event.
Registered Racers:
  1. LukaX23 [Broadcaster]
  2. barkei [Dude Eat Doge & Better Than Roadkill]
  3. iLawliet__ [Beeline & Logger]
  4. oooyababie [RIP Thumbs & Back up track]
  5. Big-_-t0ny [Feltzererer & REQUESTING BACK UP!]
  6. DEEJAYB1874 [My Name Is... & Teatime For Tony]
  7. oldskl [lumps & HONK]
  8. supsupb0i [RIP in chickens & Yes]
  9. Benjamin_crossen [Chihuahua RACE]
  10. SHERIFF-FCVPI [Heel and Toe-nail]
  11. mdmusicpl [No]