Monday, August 11, 2014

Custom Carnage 6: Speed Run Kings

Game: Grand Theft Auto V
Platform: PlayStation 3
Date: Friday, August 15th [Convert]
Time: 11:30 AM US Eastern
Watch it LIVE: [GamingOwl TV]

  • The track must be newly published. A previously created circuit cannot be used in the event.
  • All tracks must allow up to 16 maximum players.
  • Include "CC6:" before the title of your track to allow faster playlist creation during the event day. (e.g. "CC6: BJ's Crashed Mercedes")


Your track must be less than or equal to 1 mile in length. You can check the length of your circuit at the bottom right hand corner of your screen when in the creator.

Green boxes = user confirmed for the event.


  1. You are no longer required to post your details in the comments. Use the 'Register' link above to sign up for the event.

  2. The problem now Luka is people don't know how many tracks have been put forward until you update the list.

  3. You can view the registered racers here. I'll provide a link in the post as well.

  4. luka is my register is good ?

  5. Is your registration succesful: Yes. Is it good: remains to be seen. ;o)