Luka Anicic
Founder, Host of GamingOwl TV
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"Our entire community spawned out of love for video games. Using the Justin.TV platform (now Twitch.TV) to connect with one another, we literally played days upon days of Grand Theft Auto IV - and continued to until it's successor was released. Having just enough knowledge over how to make a functioning website and community run, I try my best to improve GamingOwl as a whole, inside and out. Success drives me, but the enjoyment I get out of playing video games with people I love talking to, it just makes it so much better. Who knows where we'll go from here..."

Anthony Newark
Game Capture, Community Personality, Channel Editor

Jason Dabydoyal
Video Editor, Community Personality, Channel Editor
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"One of the longest surviving members of GamingOwl, I joined after the retirement of TEC (The European Connection) and have been a committed member ever since. I first joined for the fun, but I stayed for the community. I hope the community will grow and people will realise how innovative this group really is so we can reach our goal of world domination. We were all noobs once, but together we can be brilliant. As my favourite poet once said: "Started from the bottom now I'm here."

Kevin Nienhuis
Game Capture, Community Personality, Chat Moderator
Eanna Malone
Game Capture, Community Personality, Chat Moderator
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"I first joined the madness in around 2008, just before Justin.TV departed. I had been using the site for a number of years previous but never found a channel that I truly fit into aside from GamingOwl TV. My favorite part about the community is the weekly banter that exists between members and viewers, it is such an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. In the future I hope to be even more involved within the community even though I live in Europe."

Matthew Blabey
Game CaptureCommunity Personality
"Known for creating hundreds of the community photos currently in circulation, phrases like "Nice Try Tho" or "Melagica" are all made infamous by my horrible photo editing skills. By capturing moments from the stream using a screen capture app, the faces Luka makes provide a great starting point to create another hilarious image - essentially turning me into a meme generator. If you're interested in seeing one of these beautiful, modern day Mona Lisa's, just join us during one of our team member's streams on Twitch TV!"

Vincent van der Hoek
Community Personality, Chat Moderator

Terrance Neidl
Community Personality, Chat Moderator
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"I live and work in upstate New York, have a wife, a new baby boy, a golden retriever, and a house with a white picket fence. During my free time I enjoy fine wine from the Finger Lakes, fishing in Cayuga Lake, collecting NES cartridges, various home improvement projects, football, baseball, hockey, swimming and trolling noobs. I started watching Luka and the boys beginning around 2008 when Grand Theft Auto IV was the most popular game streamed on Justin.TV. I would watch the streams to pass the time between classes and work. The casts are entertaining and innovative, with great commentary. The best part about our community is that we are a group of friends who have played games and experienced so much together that our chemistry provides entertaining and dynamic broadcasts. You truly never know what could happen next!"

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