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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Long-Awaited Return

My fellow Owls, I. AM. BACK - for now. Here's the deal, I won't be able to stream as often as I used to due to work circumstances, but I definitely want to do at least two streams a week - even that isn't a promise I'm sure I can fulfill but I'll try my best. To keep this short and sweet, I'll fill in all the details below if you'd like to catch up with me and the crew.

Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Time: 10 AM US Eastern [Convert]
Game: Batman: Arkham Knight
Platform: PC


Monday, December 15, 2014

Welcome Back

     I've come a long way since I've last streamed on Twitch - some of you may have even seen the first half if it. Having a job, the second half, has been a fantastic experience so far. Multiples better than my previous employer, GameStop. I work with friends, drink wine and converse with customers about things going on in our lives. It's like I'm living in a small suburban neighborhood and I'm getting to know everyone. Meanwhile, I've got the roar of NYC buses down the road. I've never been happier.

Okay, enough with that. "What is this post about?" you may ask. Well, to keep it brief, I love GamingOwl. It is a break-away hobby of mine that brings a lot of joy, but I did not enjoy the immaturity that surrounded it when I left. Yes, GamingOwl is going to be much more grown up. Don't think that means I won't occasionally be doing crazy voices or freaking out over in-game moments, it doesn't. Let's just say we're turning things back down to a nine from an eleven in terms of wildcard behaviour. It's certainly not the quietest of beginnings, *as my ears continue to bleed from Adool's laughing*.

I love you guys/gals. I've virtually (literally) grown up with you. I've met so many great people through broadcasting, some of which I've even met in person! Never did I imagine doing something as simple but as cool as that. Gaming has become a universal language. No matter the age or ethnicity, a few simple taps on your phone screen, clicks on a keyboard, or trigger squeezes with your favorite controller, they all either engaged or entertained us in some positive way - and will continue to.

Doing it right, the wrong way.

     I've always taken such care into the things I put out on the internet, especially when this community is concerned. A life lesson I've learned the hard way, is that you will not always get it right the first time - usually not the second, either. It's something we keep hearing, but don't fully understand until experienced. You have to keep trying, over and over. Never give up.

Form did not follow function for me, it was the other way around. A lot of time was spent doing things that wouldn't affect the end result when it came to the viewer-end of the spectrum. Too much time spent on little effects, touches of flare or whatever. I always wanted it to look professional. And you know what? Being professional is great, but it was not prioritized correctly. I promise to try my best to just get some real content out there for you all on a consistent basis.

The situation, and how you can help.

     A perk of my job is I usually start my shifts around the late afternoon/early evening, meaning I've got time to do my usual 11 AM US EST stream for a few hours. But that doesn't leave enough time to continue doing anything productive for the community. Hell, I might even switch it back to 10... tell me what you think. GamingOwl people, I need your help! Doing this takes a lot of time, energy, commitment and effort. It's not a walk in the park. So I need some extremely talented individuals I know are reading this to help keep this thing alive. Tell us how you could help at our contact form and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. As a little bonus, using this on your resumé wouldn't be a bad idea at all if you get a role for us! You'd also get a number from me for you to reference if your potential employer requests it. It provides a great opportunity to get a taste of the gaming industry and remain connected among some of the most talented and educated people I've met. Teamwork is crucial. I know we can do it!

Stay connected with us via Facebook & Twitter for frequent updates or questions.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Help Decide GamingOwl's Look

We're looking for a new look, help us decide which design you like the best by writing which style you like most in the comments (i.e. "I really like Concept #1.")

Feel free to post your own ideas/concepts in the comments.

by Luka Anicic
CONCEPT #1 - Click image to enlarge
by Luka Anicic
CONCEPT #2 - Click image to enlarge

Monday, April 22, 2013

iRacing: GoT Multi Car Team Race Results

Today's race was loads of fun. Big thanks to Nick for hosting the race.

I finished the race in 15th, despite dropping down to 28th due to an unavoidable incident in front of me on the first lap. It was an intense battle of consistency and pit stop strategy.

Our team (Team 1) finished 3rd with a total of 84 points, Team 8 in 2nd with 101 and Team 4 in 1st with 110. I scored 28 points for the team in a Mazda MX-5.
Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Race Results
 Final Results:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Comment Moderators

In preparation for a few new visitors to the website in the coming days, I'm looking for some comment moderators to keep things friendly and under control. Our commenting system is run by DISQUS, so that does mean you'll have to register through their website. Once that's done, you can do the majority of the moderation on itself without ever needing to leave the site.

Hope this image didn't fool you. The real comments are below. =)
If you're interested in becoming a moderator here, comment below and I'll pick out a few of you to get things started.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Fun in Funding

Starting March 4th, ads will begin to appear more frequently on the Twitch TV live broadcasts. This will provide funding for future titles, media creation and equipment.

Ad implementation will be quite simple, whenever it's time for a break from playing games, an ad will run. This will only be done when there is no active gameplay on the stream, so you know when to expect it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's This?

This website is the place to go to for all GamingOwl fans (or maybe even soon-to-be fans?) to go to for keeping up with what is going on. New event? Details will be here. Casting schedule? Yep, right here. Random posts, just for fun? You bet! And of course much, much more...

Well, why is the website so empty then? Good question. The website is, again, under maintenance and being re-worked. For technical reasons, the website had to be moved from Wordpress-based hosting, back to Blogger, where the site originally began. This does not mean too much in terms of how the site will be used for the end-user, but it drastically changes things when it comes to content management and making changes to the website. It is also free to host the site on here, which was a big issue when using Wordpress because the hosting was quite expensive. Not exactly a good price to features ratio, if you ask me - at least not what I was using it for.

Anyways, enough with that jibber-jabber! There is currently no "Release Date" for the site, because it will dynamically change in front of you. At the time of writing this, you'll see that there is quite a lot of stuff missing. That's another reason why we encourage you to come back and see what's new! Updates will be made quite frequently to the appearance and features of the site.

In fact, if you have any wishes and want to be the first person to interact with the new site, please, post a comment on your idea below!

I know some of you have been annoyed at the amount of times this place has changed, but it's all in spite of making a better website. Remember, this place was created by a 15 year-old. One who has matured and learned a lot through DIY, literally days worth of YouTube videos and lots of sleepless nights. I am the Gaming Owl, after all - right?